• G4 Holdings Worldwide

    21 Countries. 1000+ Employees. A singular vision, striving to make a difference.

  • Welcome to G4 Holdings Worldwide

    Founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, G4 Holdings Worldwide is a global conglomerate holding company. It’s subsidiaries are spanned across the globe that operates within in the sector of energy, natural resources, software, marketing and digital media.


    G4 Holdings Worldwide employs over a 1000+ people across 21 different countries within the US, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Stockholm, India, Norway, Finland, Spain, Singapore, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Columbia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taipei.


    While our corporate mission has always been to innovate, our social promise has always been in keeping this world a better place for our future tomorrow. Our brands strive towards enhancing the lives of our communities. Our constant focus on innovation has helped us to emerge as a trendsetter in various sectors and be known worldwide for our commitment towards global socio-economic growth & welfare for the united humanity.

  • Our Story

    How our Journey Began.

    Our Founder

    Gurbaksh Chahal, a successful Indian-American entrepreneur, is our founder. Gurbaksh arrived in the United States at a young age with his immigrant family.


    At the age of 16, he founded his first company, ClickAgents, from his home, and sold it to a publicly traded company for $40 million. He started his second company, BlueLithium, shortly thereafter. In 3.5 years later, Gurbaksh sold BlueLithium to Yahoo! for $300 million in 2007. This success did not stop Gurbaksh, as his desire to create innovating products continued to be part of his growth.


    In 2010, Gurbaksh founded his 3rd company RadiumOne and grew it to become a profitable company. The company became the leading marketing platform.


    In 2014, Gurbaksh launched Gravity4 through his holdings company – a global marketing cloud platform, utilizing machine learning and data science to deploy marketing strategies for the brands. The company has presence in 20 countries and is leading effort as world’s first high frequency marketing cloud platform.


    In 2014, Gurbaksh rebranded his previously named BeProud 501c (3) non-profit to The Chahal Foundation, to further broaden the scope of the organization. The foundation supports several initiatives across the globe in Africa, UK, US, and India. The organization works with the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. The Chahal Foundation’s founding principle is to strive towards creating a safer and healthier world for our future generation. The Chahal foundation focuses on five areas: bring awareness to social causes, provide scholarships and mentorships through schools and universities, support disaster relief efforts, improve schools in third world countries, and to build awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking.


    Gurbaksh Chahal also ventured to create G4 Natural Resources and G4 Pharma, to further diversify the conglomerate to its core focus of making this world better - by providing safe and affordable energy resources and pharmaceuticals.


    Gurbaksh Chahal brought all the entities together, to ensure companies were working together to create better & safer world. This led to the birth of G4 Holding Worldwide. Each of our brands is a natural extension of our philosophy of global excellence.

  • Our Vision

    What We Believe In.

    Live Life to it’s Full Potential

    Our motto “Live Life to it’s Full Potential” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of G4 Holdings Worldwide. Our products span in natural energy, pharmaceuticals, software, marketing and digital media. In each of these sectors, we are committed to being the market leaders and push the growth of these sectors through cutting edge innovation to improve the quality of life.


    We are the global leaders in many of our businesses – including in our position as a digital media platform through our efforts in Gravity4, as the world’s first high frequency marketing cloud platform. We are fortunate to be partnered with more than half of the Fortune 500 Companies and now Gravity4 is one the largest subsidiaries units of our portfolio.

  • About Our Company

    What We've Built.

    Leading marketing cloud platform, built to disrupt the advertising and SaaS industries. The company’s technology stack is build on the innovating advancements made towards understanding and utilizing machine learning & use of big data effectively.

    G4 Natural Resources is a leading global supplier of natural resources to industrial customers across the globe.

    G4 Pharma provides quality and affordable pharmaceuticals across the globe. Its guiding principle is, “we don’t think in dollars. We believe in the value of saving lives”. Its mission statement is simple, “Safety first. Deliver the best product. Strive to give you a healthier and longer life.”

    The Chahal Foundation, is our philanthropic arm, and is a 501c(3) registered non-profit, focused on bringing positive change in the society. The organization spans across the globe, with major efforts in Africa, US, UK and India. Its mission is to improve education in third world countries, provide university scholarships, support disaster relief efforts and bring social awareness to issues such as eradicating child labor and child sex trafficking.

    Investor Relations

    For investor relation inquiries, please email us at: info@gravity4.com

  • Careers

    G4 Holding Worldwide believes in empowering our future generation through mentorship, education and opportunities to become the future leaders and innovators of our society. With this in mind, our company is always looking to add leaders of diverse backgrounds, experience and even the aspiring leaders looking for their first opportunity. We are a fast pace company, with great opportunities for growth and expansion across several sectors. Our senior leadership team across the conglomerate value individual contribution of diverse backgrounds and in return, our employees cherish the wisdom of its senior leaders. At G4 Holdings, you get to work with the sharpest brains across our diverse sector of businesses. Working for any of our companies provide an opportunity for unmatched scale, variety and scope.


    If you are a person who pushes the boundaries of innovation, has unparalleled enthusiasm to bring positive change in the world we live in, then we are interested in getting to know you. Right from our mentoring to our new employee training programs, you meet people who will help you 1:1 to discover your pathway to success and strive towards collaborative efforts to making this world a beautiful place.


    We recognize and value the contribution of all of our employees. Furthermore, we value you as an individual because we strongly believe that only great people make great organizations.